For God So Loved….

coverJohn 3:16, one of the most popular verses in the BIBLE,  just the mere mention of that verse elicits a response from many of you reading this post… but there is also John 3:17, a verse maybe not as popular or well known but just as important and maybe more prevalent in today’s world.  Join Sister Lyn and myself as we ‘talk story’ the day after…. Valentines Day, for God so loved the world…..

Click here for the audio file: For God So Loved

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Let’s Light Up The Sky

leaWe were so blessed to have Pastor Lea Kalalau from Hana, Maui and The Master’s Touch By His Word in the studio with us.  She is such a blessing to so many and Free Inside is grateful to have her as one of our faithful Prayer Warriors.  Listen to her heart as she shares from the book of Matthew 5:14-16.

Click here for the audio file:  Light Up The Sky

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bird djIn today’s world, we HAVE to stick together!  To combat the wiles of the enemy we need to be surrounded by brothers and sisters that are True Believers in Spirit and in Truth.  When there is unity amongst the brethren, the LORD Commands a Blessing.  You cannot defeat the devil by yourself, that is a recipe for Failure to Da Max.

Pastor James Bird Mahelona went from surfing mountains of water at Waimea bay to Moving Mountains in the name of JESUS.

“A man who isolates himself seeks his own desire; He rages against all wise judgment.” Proverbs 18:1

Click on this link for the audio file:  Pastor Bird Mahelona

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The Kalalau Girls From Hana

Sit back and enjoy the angelic voices of The Kalalau Girls from Hana, Maui.  It was such a blessing to have them in the studio this week and share their God-Given Gifts with all of us.  Mahalo to their incredible parents Kukui and Lea Kalalau for raising them in the light of our Heavenly Father.


Click here for our audio file: The Kalalau Girls





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The Kalalau Girls From Hana

img_0798So blessed to have the Kalalau girls all the way from Hana to share their angelic voices.  Sit back and be blessed by these young women who love the Lord and are filled with the Holy Spirit.  Blessings always to their awesome parents Kukui and Lea Kalalau for raising them right.

Click here for the audio file:  The Kalalau Girls

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Walk By Faith

Bulla & Lynnette Eastman - Mahalo for YOUR Donation!

In this holiday season we find everyone running around at the malls in a frenzied state and losing their sanity in the parking lots.  Tonight’s program ‘Walk By Faith’ with Rev Bu and Sister Lyn gives all of us, both the Saints and the Aint’s, a refresher course on why we walk by faith and not by sight.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Free Inside Ministry to you 🙂

It’s not about the wrapping paper, ribbons, tinsel and presents or gifts.  It’s not about the gift under the tree, IT IS about the gift that was hanging on the tree….JESUS.  And remember, “JESUS is the Reason”, nuf sed.

Click here for our audio file:  Walk By Faith

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turnaroundYES you do, but local style we are too humble to ask for help or to admit when we are in need or in trouble.  We look around and see so many others in greater need, so we say, ‘…that’s ok, i’m ok, really…’  Don’t allow anyone or anything to convince you that GOD will do just enough when HE wants to do MORE than enough.

Dream a bigger dream of what God can do for you and how HE wants to use you to turn around the darkness that we live in!

Click on this audio file for a powerful message:  Turnaround



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The Gift

bulla-and-lynJust like old times when it was just Rev Bu and Sister Lyn… as we ‘pinch hit’ for Pastor Kaua Kwan this evening.  THE GIFT… well, it’s Christmas time isn’t it….. but what was the greatest GIFT of all time?  Tune in below and let’s talk story about that……

Click on this link for our audio file:  The Gift

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The TRUTH, The Whole TRUTH, And Nothing But The TRUTH

In the Hollywood movie with Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson, there is a classic scene in the courtroom where Col. Jessup says “You CAN’T handle the truth”.  This is the lie of the enemy of satan himself to convince believers today that we cannot handle the truth.  Pastor James Eric Williams of Life More Abundantly Island Church shares a powerful message about truth.

Click on the audio file:  The TRUTH

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‘Heaven’s 7’ just returned from a powerful mission trip to Saguaro Correctional Center in AZ, the home to 1,600 Hawaii inmates.  It was Free Inside Ministry’s 23rd trip to minister to the incarcerated men there, and God showed up and showed off.  Here is our Victory Report! TYJ

Click here to listen to our audio file:  Victory in Saguaro


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